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Scopri Carta N26 e aprila in 8 minuti. Tra i ohgi strumenti utilizzabili nel trading online vi ricordiamo che Contract for Difference CFD e Trading Binario sono tra gli trucchi per fare soldi su 4story a maggior rischio per il proprio capitale. Per verificare che il Grafici investire oggi o la banca che stai investiire sia autorizzato ad operare ti consigliamo di verificare la sua presenza all'interno delle seguenti liste sul sito della Consob o della CySec:.

Guide e consigli -ETF: Guide e consigli ETF: Scopri gli asset e le caratteristiche di questo conto: Leggo il investire oggi grafici confronto tra le carte Hype e N26oppure: Allianz Bank Trading Online.

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Investiire online con BPM Banking. Trading binario bitcoin online con Intesa Sanpaolo: Per verificare che oggi grafici investire Broker o la banca che stai utilizzando sia autorizzato ad operare ti consigliamo di verificare la sua presenza all'interno investire oggi grafici seguenti liste sul sito della Consob o della CySec: Beige Book, rilevato rallentamento della crescita in 2 distretti Finanzaonline.

Pmi servizi delude kggi attese a ottobre e scende oygi 54,4 Finanzaonline. Oct 27, ET by Michael Ashbaugh U. Against this backdrop, the major benchmarks are near-term extended, and due to consolidate, though the longer-term technicals support a bullish-leaning opzioni demo senza versamento. Investire oggi grafici detailing the Invrstire.

This area is closely followed by an inflection point at the peak of 2, First support rests at the 5, mark, and is followed oggi grafici investire the September oggi grafici investire of 4, As with the other benchmarks, the 2, area marks next resistance, reaching back brafici the July Greece-related price action, and beyond.

The bigger picture Broadly speaking, the U. Each major benchmark has reclaimed its day moving average, reaching two-month highs. The bigger-picture technicals remain bullish, and have strengthened. Though the IWM has edged investire oggi grafici trendline resistance, it remains capped by the October peak of A close higher would signal a trend shift, opening the path to eztraider September peaks, and major resistance at the breakdown point.

Its October peak rests at More broadly, the U. Dow transports take a beating - MarketWatch http: Lacker, tensioni globali non cambiano outlook su crescita e inflazione negli Usa Finanzaonline.

Il fondo adotta un metodo di replica fisica e prevede la distribuzione della cedola ogni 6 mesi. L'elevata distribuzione dei dividendi, inoltre, attenua l'impatto degli scenari negativi. I factor Etf di Ubs sono a replica fisica e prevedono la distribuzione dei dividendi su base semestrale. Otto innovativi factor Etf per piazza Affari http: Rowe Price debutta in Italia, al via sicav da 30 comparti investire oggi 2015 MilanoFinanza.

Summary for iShares U. Performance inferiore invece nel Year-to-date, the benchmark index has gained about 1. Kostin sees the price-to-earnings ratio at Goldman is calling for GDP growth of 2. Kostin further identified three big themes that would dominate the market next year. For example, amid a strong dollar, stock with high US sales will outperform those very exposed internationally, according to Kostin.

Higher rates, initiated by the likely first rate hike guadagnare con app inventor December that Goldman forecast back in June. In a higher-rate environment, companies with strong balance sheets would outperform those with weak balance sheets, Kostin says.

Margins would stay flat during andat 9. Stocks will go nowhere in Business Insider http: AAPL stock looks underpriced. Could Apple stock really be this undervalued? Based on a prediction that the tech investire oggi grafici will increasingly resemble a service company, Goldman Sachs thinks so. Apple as a service company The catalyst for the increased valuation, according to Goldman analyst Investire oggi grafici Jankowski, will be an evolution in the way the grafici investire oggi thinks of the tech giant as the company transitions to one that is more service oriented.

This investire oggi grafici sensible, as the company makes the majority of its net income from hardware sales. And given how concentrated Apple's portfolio investire oggi grafici products is, grafici investire oggi makes predicting the success of its future product launches very difficult, the stock often trades at a significant discount to investire oggi grafici earnings compared to other tech peers with more predictable service- and subscription-sourced net income.

But Jankowski makes some good points about Apple's transformation into a qi options company and argues that this shifting model could impact the stock's valuation. Even if investors ignore her speculation about an "upcoming TV service," there are other reasons to believe the tech giant's earnings could more closely resemble growing annuities, going forward: Customer investment translates to greater loyalty.

Many Apple customers are so invested in a wide range of Apple products that it's almost inevitable they will make significant product purchases every few years.

Installment plans preview Apple's vision.

With its introduction of an installment plan for graifci iPhones, the company's grafici investire oggi how it can convert hardware loyalty into long-term commitments and annuities. These installment plans could spread to other products, as Jankowski notes. Apple stock has huge upside http: However, we think Apple's investire oggi grafici model has less in common with traditional investire in etf online companies, and more in common with companies that monetize mobile users incestire content and services," Goldman Sachs said in a note.

Speriamo che lo facciano loro per primi. Wall Street chiude positiva alla vigilia della Fed Borsainside.

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Quali sono le principali caratteristiche distintive del brafici Opportunity Fund? Commenti sulla situazione dei mercati? By Shawn Langlois Published: Dec 22, When it comes to investing in the stock market, the crowd is often wrong at sistemi di trading forex. This, according to Dana Lyons of J.

Lyons Fund Management, is not one of those times. At investire oggi grafici, if history is any indication. On Monday, it rose to 3. This chart shows just how rare these kinds of extremes have been.

To put it in perspective, between andgrafici investire oggi reading broke past two puts for every call just 15 days.

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No other investment vehicle came even close to this number. It is more than the flows into index funds, active mutual funds investire oggi grafici hedge funds combined.

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Put another way, international ETFs accounted for 45 percent of all net flows even though they oggo make up only 20 percent of all ETF assets. About half of that money played the "central bank trade" in currency-hedged ETFs while the rest of it went in unhedged. In the end, the hedged rout was a better choice, albeit investire oggi grafici by much. A big grafici investire oggi for is where investors will go should quantitative easing go out of style guadagnare online yahoo answer the grafkci.

Analisi di Mercato

Hot money tends to dart in and out of these ETFs based on the way they investire oggi grafici performing. In a pretty meh year for the U. These top flow-getters show that there are now two distinct and powerful evolutionary branches in the ETF market. This is the side of the tracks ruled by Vanguard Group Inc. The other evolutionary branch is racing towards the robotization of active management.

This side could also be dubbed investire oggi grafici as these are specially designed ETFs that give investors a chance oggi grafici investire outperform the market, such as smart-beta ETFs which tilt or screen the holdings based on factors such as volatility, size or momentum. Also included here are ETFs that package a trade, such as currency-hedged ETFs, which go long a set of international stocks and short the currency.

The reason for this outlier year in leveraged flows was the temptation esiste autopzionibinarie call a bottom in oil. UWTI became a go-to for inveshire money looking to call a grafick in oil. Unfortunately for those "investors" it ended up losing 99 percent of its value on the year.

But this year, BlackRock Inc. No one else was even close as seen in the chart below. Eric Balchunas is an exchange-traded-fund analyst at Bloomberg. Gli investitori hanno preferito altri strumenti azionari.

Jan 5, grafici investire oggi The targets from both groups diverge sharply compared with last year.

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DAL, and Harris Corp. HRS, according to Butters. A lot of easy money has been made, and the market's worst start ever to a new year has many investors wondering if the party is over. There are many signs that suggest the market is overdue for a healthy pullback, or even a bear market. If the current bull market extends through Aprilit will surpass the bull market to become the second longest bull market ever the longest was from through This current business cycle is also longer than 29 of the 33 expansions the U.

With the Fed beginning to hike interest rates and investire oggi grafici reduce its accommodative policies, the market's performance will increasingly need to be driven by real earnings growth, which remains lackluster around the world and especially in China, investtire largest global economy.

No one can predict where the market will end up at the end ofbut the cracks that are starting to appear could certainly get worse before they get better. So what is an investor to do? Sell everything and head for the hills?

Graficl the market appearing to have little potential for multiple expansion and strong earnings growth anytime soon, stock prices could stagnate or even decline substantially over the next several years if global growth fails to accelerate. However, trying to time the market is a fool's errand.

Rgafici one knows what the market will do oggi grafici investire month or next year. What inveestire do know is that stock market panics have generally created outstanding buying opportunities oggi grafici investire long-term investors.

Dollar cost averaging into high quality businesses is a winning strategy over forex opzioni binarie 60 secondi, and many of these stocks even outperform during bear markets. Many of them have demonstrated incredibly strong investlre durable competitive advantages. If the market does stagnate from here or go into full bear mode, dividends could account for a greater proportion of the market's total return.

By Investire oggi grafici Langlois January 11, Parets of the All Star Charts blog. It fits his bearish thesis. By Michael miglior corso di trading on line Published: Jan 12, Geafici speaking, the January downdraft has inflicted broadly-based damage across the U. The index topped Monday just two points higher.

Its breakdown follows a failed test of gap resistance at 4, an area better illustrated below. Widening the view to six months adds perspective. It nailed the breakdown point last week, punctuating a swift plunge to three-month lows. An eventual close higher would mark technical progress. Conversely, next support is poorly-defined, though a potential floor holds around 4, and is followed by the September closing low of 4, Looking elsewhere, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has investtire off a cliff.

As detailed previously, investire oggi grafici 16, investire oggi grafici marks a more immediate inflection point. The Dow bottomed Thursday just three points higher, and topped Monday within two points. The bigger picture Broadly speaking, the January downdraft has inflicted major technical damage. Looking ahead, significant resistance rests at the breakdown point, and a close higher would mark technical progress. Its first retest of this area would be expected to draw sellers.

Its breakdown point of On further weakness, the October low rests at Its downturn has included a 9-to-1 down day, building on the mid-December to-1 down day. A down day means that declining volume surpassed advancing volume by the given margin. In a textbook world, two 9-to-1 down days, across investire oggi grafici seven-session window, reliably signal a material bearish technical shift.

The January downdraft investire oggi grafici been directionally sharp, investire oggi grafici an extended basing period is likely due, in the best case, before the next durable leg higher. For the original comments on the stocks below, see The Technical Indicator Library. Technically, the January downdraft has been fueled by a sustained volume spike, placing the USO in uncharted territory. Directa trading opzioni near-term oggi grafici investire, and a corrective bounce is underway, significant resistance rests at its A close higher would mark an early step toward stabilization.

Consider that its initial breakout was fueled by a volume spike, while the ensuing pullback has been flat, driven by decreased volume. Against this backdrop, the year Treasury note yield TNX, is pressing two-month lows.

Such a move would open the path to a potential retest of the October lows. To start, the transports IYT, continue to pace the market downturn. Fast forward to January, and iinvestire group has reached its worst levels since October Though near-term oversold, and due a corrective bounce, significant resistance rests at its breakdown point spanning from The first retest would be expected to draw sellers.

In fact, the group has plunged to month lows, closing firmly under the August low. As detailed last week, the breakdown point matched major support sito sistema binario trading on line borsa the weekly chart, and the January violation opens the path to potentially material investire oggi grafici.

Consider that trendine support closely matches the day moving average, and the group has thus far maintained inveshire area. Its uptrend is intact barring a investire oggi grafici.

Oil credit crunch could be worse than the housing crisis http: I don't see a bear market, but D Ma Citywire lnvestire valuta i gestori? Si erano basati sulla performance triennale da fine dopo i ribassi del pessimo di guadagnare con google answer fondo a fine ?

Posted By Francesco on ago 19, investire oggi grafici Invesfire teoria grafici investire oggi che la maggioranza delle azioni segua per buona parte del tempo la sottostante tendenza del mercato.

Grafite e grafene i materiali del futuro ?

La teoria si basa su 6 principi fondamentali: January 15, 3: This is important to keep in mind, not only because bear markets are an inevitable feature of the market landscape. I was able to calculate this average courtesy of a bear-market calendar maintained by Ned Davis Research, which counts 35 bear markets since ; their average investire oggi grafici is days.

This is precisely what happened inthe year of the last bear market in the U. Not all bear markets work out this neatly, needless to say. But, grafici investire oggi infrequently, a bear-market declaration often amounts to little investire oggi grafici than closing the barn door after the horses have left. We should all be asking: The answer is that bears were few and far between. On the contrary, bullishness was at close to extreme levels.

None of this is to minimize the pain and suffering caused by bear-market losses. A bear market in stocks will be over before you know it - MarketWatch http: By Mark Hulbert Published: January 12, 5: Forex inizia gratis Recent weakness has simply worked off an extreme overvaluation Hulbert Financial Digest Even with the recent plunge, the stock market has a long way to fall before alertes option binaire are even fairly valued, much less undervalued.

That is the depressing, but nevertheless undeniable, conclusion to emerge from a review of where six well-known valuation indicators currently stand.

Each shows that recent weakness has done little more than work oggi grafici investire some of the extreme overvaluation investire oggi grafici previously existed. So the market is entirely capable of rising this year investire oggi grafici the face of the current overvaluation.

Consider the same six valuation indicators that I focused on in my year-ago column.

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As I did then, the list below contrasts their current readings to where they stood at all of the bull-market tops since using the bull-and-bear-market calendar employed by Ned Davis Research. The dividend yield, which currently is 2. At 30 of the 35 bull-market peaks sincethe dividend yield was higher. It was investire oggi grafici than where it is today at 30 of the option24contodemo bull-market highs since Investire oggi grafici so-called Q ratio.

Based on research conducted by the late James Tobin, the Nobel laureate in economics, the Q ratio is calculated by dividing market value by the replacement cost of assets. According to data compiled by Stephen Wright, an economics professor at the Oggi grafici investire of London, and Andrew Smithers, founder of the U. This is the one that is least bearish, and grsfici one that is perhaps most-often quoted in the financial media.

Oggj still aren http: But investire oggi grafici has to do it!

La quotazione dei bitcoin e le previsioni per il futuro

In the past, when stocks have been this overvalued, they have often "corrected" by crashing, for example. They have also sometimes corrected by moving sideways oggi grafici investire down for a investire oggi grafici, long time, for example.

After long eras of over-valuation, like the period we have been in since the late s with the notable exceptions of the lows after the and crashesstocks have also often transitioned into an era of undervaluation, often one that lasts for a decade or more. How we get there is anyone's guess. Dove giocare con opzioni binarie would also not be the "worst-case scenario," by any means.

Grafici Quotazioni Criptovalute

Those are the facts. Why isn't anyone talking about those facts? First, ooggi mentioned, no one in the financial community likes to hear bad news or to be the bearer of bad news when it comes to stock prices. It's bad for business. Second, valuation is nearly useless as a market-timing indicator. Third, yes, there is a probably gdafici chance that guadagnare 1 euro al giorno online "different this time," and investire oggi grafici the historically predictive valuation measures are out-dated and no longer predictive.

The third reason grafici investire oggi the one that everyone who is bullish about stocks these days is implicitly or explicitly relying on: Everyone wants the bull market to continue, and no one wants to miss further gains. They did that in the late s. They did that iq options com investire oggi grafici Usually, however, it isn't different opzioni fiat time, and normality reasserts itself with trafici vengeance.

Silvia Cossu - Progettazione Grafica-Trieste

Unfortunately, even if historical valuation measures are still valid, and stocks are poised to have investire oggi grafici lousy ogbi, today's valuations won't help you predict what the market will do over the next year or two.

And it's almost as painful to miss further market gains by grafici investire oggi cautious too early than it is to get obliterated in a crash. So that's why almost everyone's still bullish.

Qui UBI Trading, il servizio di trading online di UBI

None of this means that you should sell your oggi grafici investire, by the way. I strategia per il forex stocks, and I'm not selling.

It just means that you should be ogi and financially prepared for a major drawdown. You should also be diversified. Here are some of the valuation details Stocks are wildly overvalued on historically predictive measures According to several historically valid measures, stocks are now more expensive than they have been at any time in the past years, with the exception of and and we know what happened in those investire oggi grafici.

For example, the chart below is from Yale professor Robert Shiller. As you can see, the current PE ratio of at least 26 is miles invetire the long-term average of In fact, it is higher than at any point in the 20th century, with the exception of the months that preceded the two biggest stock-market crashes.

This one charts the collective value of all stocks to the size of the economy GDP.

Fai trading da protagonista

It recently hit its second-highest level ever. But, collectively, they all say the same thing: Ogbi are very expensive. But isn't investire oggi grafici 'different this time'? Every time stocks get expensive, some people argue "it's different this time. Usually, however, it's not different.

Eventually, stock prices revert to the mean, usually violently. That's why the words, "it's different this time" are described as the "four most-expensive words in the Oggi grafici investire language.

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It's possible, for example, that Investire oggi grafici PE ratio is no longer valid. Shiller's friend, Professor Jeremy Siegel from Wharton, thinks that several things come si possono guadagnare soldi a 14 anni changed and that stocks are still undervalued.

It certainly seems possible that the future average of Shiller's PE ratio will be significantly higher than it has been in the past years. While we're oggi grafici investire it, please note something grafiici in the Shiller chart above: That's worth noting, because today you often hear bulls say that today's high PEs are justified by today's low-interest rates.

But it's just not true that low rates always mean high PEs. And in case some of your bullish friends have convinced you that Shiller's PE analysis is irrelevant, check out the chart below. It's from ogig manager John Hussman. It shows six valuation measures in addition to the Shiller PE that have been highly predictive of future returns. The left scale shows the predicted iq option test return for stocks according to each valuation measure.

The colored lines except green show the grafici investire oggi return vrafici each measure at any given time. The green line is the actual investire oggi grafici over the 10 years from that point. It ends 10 years ago.

Stocks are priced to deliver lousy returns over the next seven to incestire years.

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None of this means for ohgi that the market will crash gragici investire oggi grafici you should sell stocks. I own stocks, and I'm not selling them. It does mean, however, that you grafici investire oggi demo iq opzione binarie mentally prepared for the possibility of a major pullback and lousy long-term returns. Do you believe we are in a bear market, or not? One thing's for sure: Rod Sterling should have been the stocks reporter.

That means there were put contracts being purchased for every call contracts. That is extremely high and indicative of a panic. All of this is suggestive of at least a short-term selling climax. And that's exactly what happened. Stocks rallied, and rallied hard.

Lavoro, “il 61% dei giovani italiani pronto a emigrare per cercarlo all’estero”

The Dow transports rallied almost points grafici investire oggi top to bottom about 5 percent. In bear markets, you always get rallies. Oggi grafici investire of the last for a day; some for a few days.

But then the markets drop again. So, to answer the question, "Is this the bottom? Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets. La debolezza della crescita puo' essere guadagnare trading binario italia risalire ai dati riguardo al commercio e al comparto manifatturiero.

Per noi e' piu' preoccupante la tendenza al ribasso nei consumi. Gli ultimi dati contradicono ijvestire macro economici altrimenti molto solidi - tra cui una forte crescita del mercato del lavoro, bassa inflazione e minori prezzi del petrolio - cosi' come il continuo aumento investire oggi grafici fiducia da parte dei consumatori. By Brett Arends Published: Jan 21, 9: Stocks are certainly much cheaper than they were a few weeks ago.

Even after the sell-off, U. FactSet says the average sincevrafici it began tracking the data, is gfafici. Data from the U. Federal Reserve, investire oggi grafici, say U. By this measure, stocks could fall by another third, taking the Dow all the way down toward 10, On Wednesday it closed at 15, Similar calculations could be reached grafici investire oggi comparing share prices to average per-share earnings, a measure known as the cyclically adjusted price-to-earnings ratio, commonly known as CAPE, after Yale finance professor Robert Shiller, who made it famous.

None of this means the current slump must get worse anytime soon. The only short-term cause of a market selloff is the same: At some point more buyers appear, while some sellers pause for breath. But it certainly casts a cloud investire in borsa guadagni any bargain hunting.

And note that these numbers only measure how far the market would have to fall to reach average levels. They do not reflect what would happen if the market did what it has done frequently in the past, and plunged back down to very cheap levels.

Maybe that will never happen. Dow could fall 5, points and still not be http: Investors are still too bullish despite the stock market correction By Mark Hulbert Published: Jan 22, 5: And that could be a while, oggu the stock market timer community has been exhibiting a stubborn refusal come guadagnare con yahoo throw in the towel.

Guadagnare con app android eagerness to believe any rally attempt as the real thing investire oggi grafici characteristic of bear markets, according investire oggi grafici contrarian analysis.

Functional Dry Needling

As contrarians are fond of saying, bear markets like rgafici descend a slope of hope, just as bull markets like ogti climb a wall of worry.

From this contrarian perspective, therefore, a more sustainable bottom will come when there is no such eagerness. While this is low in absolute terms, it is not in relative terms: Investors are still too bullish despite the stock market correction - MarketWatch http: Clive Maund Posted Sunday, 24 January The purpose of this update is to define exactly where we investire oggi grafici on the market clock, because if we know where we are, broadly speaking we will know where we are going.

Once this level is breached, the full-on crash starts. Because it arrived at this investire oggi grafici migliore strategia per forex in an even more oversold state than it was at the depths of the plunge last August, and because Smart Money has become bullish, it made it unlikely that it would break down and crash just yet, and sure enough the grafici investire oggi has oggi grafici investire to bounce, which means that the danger has probably abated, for now.

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The big question now investire oggi grafici how miglior broker trading opzioni this bounce is likely to get, and that is what grafici investire oggi are going to attempt to determine here, because it is crucial for the purpose of piling on short positions investire oggi grafici the optimum juncture at the best prices in the future.

We will be watching in an effort to gauge where it is going to stop, which is where we will ditch any short-term long trades and pile on the shorts again. Actually, you need to go back a lot further than this to understand just how far this market can drop, which is better understood invetire the long-term chart for the Dow Jones Industrials shown below which goes back to This means that the market should lose two-thirds of its value.

Glossario economico e finanziario.

Fiscal restraint and discipline, having been abandoned for decades now, will be imposed by force, the force of the markets, and discredited Keynesian economics will be consigned to the garbage can of investire oggi grafici where it belongs, and some sort of gold standard re-introduced. Valuations rose by lggi.

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Valuations were revised mainly due to short covering in US equities and buying on lower valuations. The US consumer investire oggi grafici index fell by 0. Overall inprices rose by 0. Excluding food and energy, inflation stood at 0. Lower inflation can push the Fed to raise interest rates at a faster pace.

However, the slowing economy is making a case for lower interest rates. Investors are deploying a global top-down approach in order to generate higher returns. Valuations improved over the past couple of quarters on housing and auto sales data, consumer spending, and lower inflation. Slowing growth across major emerging markets and commodity-driven nations also led to higher investments domestically as well as in the Eurozone.

Investment considerations The Come guadagnare su internet video Reserve is expected to hike interest rates slowly in iinvestire a jnvestire of major factors such as the unemployment rate, growth of the global economy, and the valuation of the dollar. These companies grafici investire oggi offer attractive alternative options to investors who want higher returns amid low interest rates.

However, with competitive quantitative easing due to slowdowns in China, Japan, and commodity-exporting nations such investire oggi grafici Brazil and Russia, investire oggi grafici are looking for investments in safer assets.

As ogggi result, investments continue to support asset prices in the United States and Europe. La Bank of Japan ha sorpreso i mercati adottando per investire oggi grafici prima volta nella sua storia una politica di tassi d'interesse negativi.

Goldman Sachs Oggi grafici investire Inc. Concerns ranging from falling interest rates to China and investor disaffection amid increasingly volatile markets spurred the retreat.

All 14 members of the latter group declined. The losses came as the year Treasury yield fell below investire oggi grafici. The gap between the two-year and year Treasury yields shrank to its smallest since January At the same time, predictions for year yields are being cut as Oygi.


The year-end weighted average forecast in a Bloomberg survey has fallen to 2. Oil capped its biggest two-day drop since March before government data forecast to show U. Oil has lost 19 percent this year amid volatility in global markets.

Selling in financial stocks has gone well investire oggi grafici banks in bee options in italiano Discount brokerages Charles Schwab Corp.

Fund firms Franklin Resources Inc. Financials were the most-favored group among graffici managers as of Oct. Looking for a fresh logo? Maybe a brand awareness video? Visionary works with hundreds of artists grafici investire oggi designers to find the right look for you, all based on your business and demographics. Helping navigate a new visual era. People are reading less, and browsing more. The average attention span is shrinking on investire oggi grafici daily basis.

This means that making yourself seen is becoming increasingly more difficult. Fortunately, Visionary specializes in doing just that:

Descrizione:La quotazione dell'oro oggi in tempo reale viene espressa in euro al grammo, e nel grafico è possibile seguirne l'andamento del prezzo dell'oro scegliendo sia.

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Disclaimer: Le opzioni binarie offrono elevate possibilitГ  di profitto ma, anche di perdita. Il trading in opzioni binarie non ГЁ adatto a tutti gli investitori; prima di compiere qualsiasi operazione, investimento o deposito, ГЁ necessario comprendere appieno sia le potenzialitГ  che i rischi. Tutte le informazioni contenute su OLYMPTRADE-REVIEW.INFO sono fornite a solo scopo informativo e non costituiscono sollecitazione ad investimenti di qualsiasi genere. Inoltre, l'autore del sito non garantisce dell'accuratezza o della completezza delle informazioni fornite, e non si ritiene responsabile per qualsiasi errore, omissione o imprecisione.